Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains are located in the Northern part of the country. Directly after the small town Debark the National Park Area opens its doors to a beautiful and unique nature. The area is floated from rivers between the highlands. The Simiens inhabitant lots of endemic animals like the Ethiopian Wolf, the Mountain Nyala, Gelada Baboon, Lammergeyer and many more.

With years of experience and very satisfied clients, we provide you the best all-in trekking tours in the Simien Mountains: restaurant-quality food, the best equipment, the most knowledgeable guide so you will have an unforgettable time.

Examples for Trekking Tours:

1-Day Tour  Including Sankaber
3-Day Tour  Including Sankaber, Geech and Imet Gogo
4-Day Tour  Including Sankaber, Geech, Saha and Kedadit
5-Day Tour  Including Sankaber, Geech, Imet Gogo, Chenek and Bwahit Ras
6-Day Tour  Including Sankaber, Geech, Imet Gogo,Chenek, Bwahit Ras and Jinbar Wenz Waterfall
7-Day Tour  Including Sankaber, Geech, Imet Gogo, Chenek, Bwahit Ras and Jinbar Wenz waterfall
8-Day Tour  Including Sankaber, Geech, Imet Gogo,  Chenek, Kurbet Metaya,  Ambiko, Ras Dashen and Tekeze Valley

Also possible Tours including other stations:

In 16 days               from Debark to Lalibela

In 9 to 10 days       from Derbak to Adi Arkay (so you can continue to Axum)

In 21 days               from Debark to Mekele