8-Day Tour

  • 4WD transportation to and from Gonder
  • Guide and scout
  • cook & cooking materials, likewise food and mineral water
  • mule(s) & mule handler
  • tent, sleeping bags & mattresses
  • all park entrance fees
  • alcoholic drinks and tips

Day-by-day Itinerary

Day 1: Gonder- Sankaber

We will meet you in the morning at Gonder Airport or your hotel in Gonder. Drive from Gonder to Sankaber camp. You can pass over the first camp site called Buit Ras. Spend a night at Sankaber camp site. You could visit some viewpoints and endemic species.


Day 2: Sankaber- Geech

Walk from Sankaber to Geech 5- 6 hours walk. You could see many fascinating things including the big waterfall, river, birds, different plants, species and so on (Gelada baboons of course!). Spend the second night at Geech site.

Gelada Baboon

Day 3: Geech- Imet Gogo- Geech

Walk from Geech to the three stunning places namely Imet Gogo, Saha, and Kedadit and then walk back to Geech camp, where you will spend the night.    

Day 4: Geech- Chenek

Walk from Geech to Chenek via Imet Gogo. If you are lucky you might see the Ethiopian Wolf. Time taken to complete this hike is about 7-8hrs and then overnight at Chenek.

 Day 5: Chenek- Bwahit Ras- Ambiko

Today is the longest trekking day so far, consisting of a total of about 10 hours. From Chenek camp, 3650 metres, the path to Ambiko campsite crosses through the 4200m high Bwahit Ras. From the top of the pass views open up to the east over Mesheha Valley to the Dashen mountain range. From Bwahit Pass the path leads steeply down and across the Mesheha Valley. Here you will notice an increase in temperature as you descend down to the Mesheha River at 2800 metres before climbing slightly to reach Ambiko campsite at an altitude of 3100 metres.


Day 6: Ambiko- Ras Dashen- Ambiko

The path of today is around 16 kilometres long and will wind its way ascending over 1400 metres to Ras Dashen. To begin the path climbs steeply through barley fields and fallow land before clearing the vegetation zone and reaching mountain steppe at around 3700 metres. From there the path flattens out as it traverses ridges in the shadow of Ras Dashen. Just below Dashen Pass, at around 4250 meters, an impressive moraine can be distinguished. A moraine is material transported by a glacier and then deposited.

The final stretch to the summit involves an exciting climb over large boulders. From atop the summit of Ras Dashen, 4543 meters, you will be mesmerized by the far-ranging view which spans more than 10,000 square kilometres. On the west the steep faces of peaks in the National Park are visible whilst to the north and east the Tekeze Valley is visible. From the top you will need to return along the same path to come to your camp at Ambiko.

View on the top  

Day 7: Ambiko- Chenek

Walk from Ambiko to Chenek via the same way. It takes about 7 to 8 hours walking; stay the night in Chenek camp site.

Day 8: Chenek- Gonder

Drive from Chenek to Gonder via Debark, about 4 hours driving.